Radio & PodcastsNPRscreenshot

Royal Observatory Greenwich Think Space Podcast (2017)

Mind’s Eye / Little Atoms (2015)

NPR’s All Things Considered (2013)

365 Days of Astronomy Podcast (2012)


2015 (following publication of Weider et al., Evidence for geochemical terranes on Mercury: Global mapping of major elements with MESSENGER’s X-Ray Spectrometer in EPSL)

Science Daily

Christian Science Monitor

2012 (following publication of Weider et al., Chemical heterogeneity on Mercury’s surface revealed by the MESSENGER X-Ray Spectrometer in JGR Planets)CNN screenshot


Huffington Post

Scientific American



DTM’s Postdoc Spotlight series (2014)skytelescopescreenshot

Sky and Telescope (2012)

Earth Magazine (2012)

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